Animal Rescue

I work with high kill shelters in Texas (San Antonio, Houston, The Valley), and any states in the U.S. for Internet sharing, posting, replying for Fosters needed, and/or adoptions; raising funds for animals in need of medical attention. Correspond with Animal Control Services, and other leaders and encourage others to write, on conditions that are subpar for any animal, needless euthanizing  of adoptable dogs, checking real facts with a  supposed facts of shelters.  Donate and share on death row dogs that need pledges to get out, or foster needed. Sharing to all that any action helps whether it is sharing the animals in need across Facebook or other, donating, fostering or adopting.  All actions are helpful. I Foster dogs personally when I have space.

How can one help? Share dogs in need on Social Media, encourage adoption or fostering for your circle of friends, co-workers, church members, etc. Encourage spay/neuter, teach responsible  pet ownership …..if interested educate yourself about the problems.

A Death Row dog is one that is already in the shelter and will be euthanized by certain date if no intervention.  Many are less than a year old, a highly adoptable just no space.



Barkitecture Austin is in its 15th year as a designer doghouse show/silent auction that raises money and awareness for select local dog-rescue operations.

Barkitecture Austin combines designer doghouses created by some of the top talent in the design-build filed and fun, unique fundraising operations for carefully selected local dog-rescue operations in Central Texas. Each year there is a doghouse show where kids and pooches can check out, play in, take photos with, and bid on amazing custom doghouses. Many other fun and meaningful events also occur at Barkitecture each year, from fasHOUND shows and weenie dog races to costume contests and paw spas! There are also, of course, many opportunities for YOU to adopt, rescue, foster, and otherwise get involved with the top operations from the regional dog rescue/welfare scene


Donate now

If you’d like to donate here are some links of charities I work with that need all the help they can get. Just follow the links below!

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