Our approach to insurance is one of education first. Many builders and contractors don’t understand what they have and don’t have. Many have been told needed coverage isn’t available or affordable. By reviewing a client’s insurance documents thoroughly and providing analysis, effort is made to illustrate the needs and solutions at hand.

Builders Risk

General Liability
Contractor Broad Pollution incl $1M Mold
Contractor Professional (E&O)
Cyber/Smart Home
Auto and Fleet

We also Offer…

  • Excess/ Umbrella
  • Equipment and Tools
  • Property and Business Interruption
  • Workers Compensation
  • Bonding

and other cutting-edge coverages needed by builders, subs and trades.

Further, costs of adequate insurance can be reduced by advising a client as to best practices the insurance underwriters are looking for and on how to implement them. Too many times a builder has had the claims and can’t find affordable insurance after it is too late. Services and tools can prevent this and possibly save a builder or contractor from both overpriced insurance and uncovered claims.

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